Foundation Trusted Nodes

MobileCoin Consensus is built on trust relationships between individuals and organizations who are running MobileCoin Consensus Validator Nodes.Determining which nodes are listed as Foundation Trusted Nodes is challenging - and involves a criteria selection that includes:

  • Based the organization's track record and that of its leaders and backers, does it appear that the organization truly has the best interests of the public and protecting privacy at heart?
  • Have any concerns been raised about the organization’s behavior as a Trusted Node, and if so, have further discussions satisfactorily resolved these concerns?
  • Is the organization free of any Conflicts of Interest that would undermine its ability to operate as a Trusted Node?

Each Node Operator determines which entities to trust and includes those entities’ nodes in their quorum set definition. We hope other node operators will follow suit and choose to share their trusted node lists. Several members of the MobileCoin Foundation are running MobileCoin Consensus Validators in MainNet; these are available for peering. Below is a non-exhaustive list: